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Meet Our Core Team

Est. 2017

Womenza Pakistan stands as a beacon of hope for many women looking for a chance to create their own destiny. With its safe and secure policies, Womenza Pakistan provides the tools and resources needed to ensure that these women find the success they seek. Womenza Pakistan is yet another inspiring example of the potential of individuals when they believe in themselves to take on the world and overcome any kind of adversity.

Aiman S Khan

Founder- Womenza Pakistan

Aiman's vision for Womenza Pakistan
was based on her belief that by providing real-world practical training, useful
resources, and resources for women entrepreneurs.

Bushra Izhar

co-founder womenza pakistan

Bushra has laid out several programs such as digital marketing courses, online trading courses, and business
development courses so that Pakistani women can maximize their skillsets and
become profitable through digital platforms.